DC SYSTEMA - Russian Martial Art


We train in a non-competitive environment with special attention to safety. Due to the serious subject of study and the potential to do harm, every student must be attentive and respectful of the material and each other. There are no forms or a catalog of techniques to memorize. Study of Systema is to regain the body’s natural ability to receive information and to move with spontaneity and freedom. Everybody in class is working to improve their breathing, relaxation, flexibility, and strength through the gradual removal of fear and inoculation to stress. There aren't any color belt rankings or levels to attain in Systema; one’s progress is measured by honest self-evaluation.

DC Systema welcomes all sincere students regardless of previous martial art experience (or lack of), current fitness level, race, gender, age (18+), and reasons for training. We only require you to be a good person with integrity and the desire to train honestly.



Jonathan Han is a certified full instructor under Vladimir Vasiliev. He started training in Systema in 2006. Always a student first, he continues his study with the founders and senior Systema instructors. Along with his study of the Russian Martial Art, Jonathan has over twenty five years of various martial arts, dance, and professional weapons training. He believes the study of the martial arts is a personal journey to develop a deeper understanding of ourselves and become the best we can be in this life. Jonathan teaches the Tuesday evening classes in Takoma Park.

Jeffrey Castiglione is a certified instructor under Vladimir Vasiliev who teaches the Sunday classes in Alexandria. Jeff has over fifteen years of martial art experience and has been training in Systema since 2010. Jeff can be contacted directly at jeffrey.castiglione@gmail.com